Sunday, March 15, 2009

Self Lighting Display - A revolutionary tool for purchasing lighting fixtures is offering a free, revolutionary Lighting Display tool for home owners and designers. I would like to share the following information with friends here: Why this is called a revolutionary tool? How it work for home owners and designers?

Why this is called a revolutionary tool?

First, this tool is first tool on Lighting selling business. Traditionally, home owners and designers have to spend a lot of time to shopping around the local stories or lighting fairs to find the correct lighting fixtures. However, it is a great challenge on how to make sure the lighting fixtures to fit the places customers want. Self Lighting Display tool can visually put together both lighting fixtures and the lighting places for home owners and designers to help making a decision. Home owners and designers can easily select the fixture without buying and installing it.

How it work for home owners and designers?

There are four steps to help home owners and designers to make a right decision:
  1. go to and click Self Display Tool
  2. upload the lighting place photos on website. The uploaded photos can be as a background on Self Display Tool and can be deleted.
  3. select your uploaded photo on Background, select the Category such as Pendant, Wall Sconce, Spotlight,... etc., navigate fixture and then drag&drop the fixture on your virtual home (your home photo) to find your best fixture.
  4. click "details&buy" button under your selected fixture to see the detailed description and pursue a purchase process.

There is an introduction on how to use Self Display Tool:

That's all. Let me know if you have any further question.